Universal Cable Installation Instructions

uv101.jpg  uv130.jpg uv231.jpg


1. Read all instructions before beginning cable. Installation.
2. Locate where you want to mount Knob/T-Handle end of cable & how the cable will be routed to mechanism
3. Mount handle end in CCI mounting bracket (NOT INCLUDED) or in location of your choice.
4. Route cable to area you wish to operate with cable. (To promote greater life, avoid making severe bends and avoid routing cable near any heat source.)
5. Once cable is routed in final position, pull inner cable out of housing approximately 1-2 feet. Cut off excess housing using a good pair of diagonal cutters.
6. After making the cut on the housing make sure that there is no obstruction on the liner of the housing end    you just cut. If there is an obstruction you can use an awl or any tapered shaft to open liner.
7. Attach provided finish cap on end of housing and secure finish cap to housing by pinching cap on with a pair of pliers.
8. Push inner cable back through housing.
9. Attach inner cable to mechanism you wish to actuate with hardware provided.
10. Trim excess inner cable using diagonal cutters, or cable cutters available from CCI.
11. Using clamps provided or equivalent clamp housing where needed along the routed cable.
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