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Custom Push-Pull Cables

Custom Push-Pull Cables

Posted by Kyle Madsen on 18th Mar 2014

Our push-pull cables are available in various mounting configurations, travel or stroke length, overall length and temperature options. Available in 30 series or VLD (very light duty), 40 series or LD (light duty), 60 series or MD (medium duty), and 80 series or HD (heavy duty). You can choose between armor wrapped cable core, solid wire core, nylon covered 1×7 cable core, and nylon covered armor wrap core. We also carry a full line of cable hardware, so we should have no problem getting you connected with a new custom push-pull cable.

Each of our push-pull cables are very specific for there application. Our Push-Pull cables can be used for applications such as, air conditioning and heating vent control, engine cowl control, throttle control and choke, hood and deck release, fuel shut off, battery disconnect and many other applications. Over the past years we have seen no limit to what are cables can be used to operate. We have seen are cables on common movies like, Bad Grandpa, Fast and the Furious, Jackass, Need For Speed, and Homey the Clown. We have also, seen our cables on top fuel dragsters, jet boats, motorcycles, and most industrial, and automotive applications.

Control Cables Inc. is a master distributor of Cablecraft Cables and motion controls. Cablecraft Motion Controls offers a full range of push-pull controls that provide a means of transmitting linear motion from one location to another. They offer ease of installation as well as superior performance. The Bristow© Type control is an economical construction for applications which do not require tight bend radii, and are temperature rated for use from a low of -65°F to a peak of +230°F. The Utility Style adds a binder wire for structural integrity and a tighter minimum bend radius than other controls. Low Friction EXT controls have the same advantages as Utility with an added plastic covered inner member which provides improved efficiency. Low Friction controls provide the standard of excellence for industrial controls. Features include a binder wire for structural integrity, tight minimum bend radius, and PTFE covered inner member for the ultimate in efficient, smooth operation. Temperature rated for use from a low of -65°F to a peak of +230°F, Low Friction controls will provide long life in the most demanding applications.