Arens Self Locking Controls


The Arens Q15 Series control mechanism has five main elements: a primary input lever, an actuating or output lever, two “scissor” locking shoe assemblies and a stationary quadrant. The function of the assembly is to allow unrestricted movement through the use of the input lever while preventing any movement by forces acting through the output lever.
A force applied in either direction at the output lever creates a binding or “shear” action on the hardened steel quadrant between the gripping shoes at points depending on the direction of the force. The binding action results from a slight rotation of the shoe assemblies about the pivot, due to the pressure exerted on the shoes by the output lever. This creates an irreversible lock in both directions, which effectively resists all forces acting on the output lever.

Arens Q36 Series control mechanism uses a “strap-shoe locking mechanism” which has four main elements: a primary input lever, an actuating or output lever, a strap-shoe / locking pin assembly and a stationary quadrant.
The strap shoe assembly is spring-loaded to the unlocked position until a load is applied to the output, causing the strap-shoe to rotate about the locking pivot, forcing a locking pin to grip the quadrant. The gripping force caused by a pin on the underside of the quadrant and the strap-shoe locks the control. Two locking pins enable the control to lock with an output load from either direction.



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