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Arens Joystick Controls


Dual Axis Joystick Control

The Arens C60 Series joystick provides an integrated package for the control of two sections with one lever.
Standard Features:
± 0.50 in (± 12.7mm) output stroke
Symmetrical ±30° input motion
Either + or X axis orientation by rotating installation
Centering springs for each output
Working loads up to 100 lbs (455N) on each output
C61 Series for push-pull cables has standard 2" output stroke (42C or 62B types)
C62 Series intended for rod linkage outputs
Neutral lock with 2 or 3 positions

QUADCO® grip with electrical switches
1" stroke cable for installations having minimal cable bends and appropriately short stroke requirements
Lock to prevent inadvertent motion of the outputs
Input motion restrictor
Bent input levers to place the lever in a convenient position for the vehicle operator

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