Arens Hydrostatic Controls


For manual control of Hydrostatic Pumps and Engine Throttles

T-50 Series - Single Lever Control

T-60 Series - Dual Lever Control

The T50 (single lever) & T60 (dual lever) Series controls are designed to facilitate mechanical control of variable displacement pumps and motors. The heart of the control is the self-locking friction feature. This locking feature allows the vehicle operator to position the input lever to a desired setting and be able to take his hand off the lever for other duties, confident that the control will not "creep." Constant engine conditions are desirable while operating most hydrostatic drives. The T60 Series control provides a second lever with a self-locking friction feature to control the throttle or governor setting. Both the T-50 and T-60 Series controls are available in either linear or non-linear control models. The linear control reproduces the motion of the input lever, and is used in applications where the control action takes place at mid to full-range. The non-linear control produces a progressive output motion relative to the input. The sensitivity of the input lever is greatly amplified on either side of center. This style of control is commonly used when critical vehicle operations take place just out of the "neutral" position.

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