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Race Only - Chevy Small Block/Big Block- Black Cap (PN#D1070)

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Product Description

HEI Distributor Chevy Small Block/Big Block, Race Only, Black Cap

Race HEI Distributors

Race HEI units use all new components and feature an electronic module and coil combination that optimizes spark energy and peak current to the spark plug in the 6000 to 8500 RPM range.

Compared to our street/strip version, race units produce 42% more energy with 46% faster spark breakdown time allowing 48% more peak current to reach the spark plug. This abundant energy doubles the spark intensity during the critical one millisecond of burn time.

Great for both circle track and drag race applications where factory type HEI distributors are mandated.


  • New lightweight A384 cast aluminum alloy housing.
  • Aligned and honed high quality bronze sintered bushings for reduced friction and extended life.
  • Centerless ground corrosion resistant shaft reduces friction and provides concentric operation.
  • RACE ONLY 7.2 amp module and 50,000 volt coil.
  • Distributor gear is ground to exact tolerances for tighter mesh with cam.
  • High dielectric strength cap with solid brass terminals and low resistance center coil brush.
  • Balanced rotor with nylon screws prevent arcing and reduce vibration at high RPMs.
  • Specially designed vacuum lockout prevents changes to rotor phasing to maximize combustion burn time at high RPMs.
  • Tig welded rotor and advance plates prevent high RPM distortion while improving reliability.
  • Precision machined chromoly advance weights and center plate eliminate erratic timing.
  • Additional advance springs included for fine tuning the advance curve to your needs.
  • Limited One Year Warranty.